ボーダレスな感覚で世界中を旅するsaraによって生まれるカルチャーミックスがsara malikaの魅力。

それは何年たってもお気に入りの定番で、着るたびに気分をあげ 自分のスタイルとなる”MY VINTAGE”

Sara mallikaはモノの本当の価値を理解した女性が長く着られるタイムレスなピース。

‘Mallika’ in Sanskrit means ‘jasmine flower.’
The flower is cherished for its loving and healing aroma.

Through collaboration with the aesthetics of an imaginary woman named ‘Sara,’ are born colorful embroideries, prints and laces.
A culture mix created by Sara who travels around the world without setting any boundaries is what makes Sara malika special.

Long-term staples in the wardrobe, these ‘MY VINTAGE’ pieces brighten your life and become essential parts of your style each time you wear them.
Just like the flowers of jasmine long endeared by people for its sweetness and elegance.

Fill your wardrobe with your all-time favorites only.
Sara millika offers timeless pieces which can be worn by women who know genuine values of an endless journey.